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About Us

Chicago Young Americans

The Chicago Young American (CYA) Hockey Organization was launched in 1982, by Joe Ori and Ira Greenberg, with the goal of fostering young athletes into hockey talent eligible for college and professional opportunities. Our athletes are trained in a rigorous program that focuses on both exceptional coaching and mentoring. CYA creates an environment amongst its participants of strong values by focusing on team loyalty, work ethic, and respect for self and sport.

 Throughout the years CYA leadership has stayed true to the core values that have been central to the organizations many successes which proudly include sending more athletes to Junior, College, and Professional Levels than any other organization in IL.  In its 31st year the organization is thrilled to have the next generation at the helm.  Joe Ori’s three sons: Jason, Jona, and Jamie grew up and played hockey within the CYA family. They played both juniors as well as College Hockey.   The Ori brother’s goal is to continue the growth of the CYA Organization by providing its members  with the finest coaching and mentoring program in order to prepare its young players for the opportunities and accomplishments that they were able to achieve through their years of  CYA training and participation.

Regards from the Ori Family!